Many of the people I work or interact with get to see only a small part of the various companies or types of projects I am passionate about; few know my interests outside of work, or what makes me tick.

This site attempts to bridge the gap between the various hats I wear, connecting the dots between
entrepreneurship, digital media workflows, technology, trade, travel and a few random connections that make life interesting and exciting.

The site is divided along the lines of the five areas mentioned above plus galleries and portfolios of projects, photos, movies and multimedia clips that enhance to the story that is Tim Siglin (sorry, I had to put that in; don’t use my name anywhere else and Google won’t crawl without it).

If you are interested in starting a business, and don’t know where to turn, visit Entrepreneurship. Like most entrepreneurs, I didn’t know what the word meant when I was ten. I did know two things, though: first, I wanted a newspaper route; second, I had to talk someone older into joining me in this first business, since collecting money required being bonded, and no one bonded ten year olds. And so it began. . . .