A Fool's Errand?

A group from Tri-Cities TN / VA (northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia) venture out to Geneva, near  the Swiss Alps, to make the case for a seat at the table of global trade.

Representing our region at the World Trade Center 2004 General Assembly are (L-R) Jerry Petzoldt, Tim Siglin, Roger Lowe, Sharon Hayes (reporter), Anne-Marie Stone and Liesa Jenkins.

Sometimes you go with your gut instinct and find out, much later, that you were absolutely wrong. Other times you go with the same instinct and trust it implicitly. Such was the case for a group that went to Geneva this week on what many have called a fool’s errand: making the case for a seat at the table of global trade, requesting an equal standing alongside major cities with World Trade Centers (WTC) such as Taipei, Shanghai, Mumbai, New York, Rome, London and Atlanta.

Once the WTC’s board hears the presentation, and meets the team, the option for a license is granted, and the real work can now begin: convincing the folks back home that the region is being taken seriously when it comes to the potential of global trade. That challenge is left for another day as the group celebrates a spectral shift, from cynicism and doubt to elation and confidence.