Where West Meets East

On the night of the closing gala of the WTC General Assembly,in Istanbul, Turkey, in early November 2006.

Pictured is Dr. Piero Piccardi, a friend and mentor who has introduced me to the world of trade fairs, trade marts, Italian and speaking opportunities in front of Senators, small groups and high-tech business park executives.

Istanbul! What a city! Besides Bangalore and Mumbai, India, the city of Istanbul, Turkey ranks as one of the most intriguing places I’ve been able to establish business contacts. As has been said in more recent times, Turkey has inexorably thrown its lot in with the West, yet it faces alienation from both the Middle East and Europe as the country that provides the bridge between West and East faces difficulty in obtaining its EU membership.

The Cypriot question remains between Greeks, Turks and the whole of the European Union, but Istanbul put on its finest face for a meeting that allowed the Tri Cities of TN / VA the opportunity to present its case as a key port of entry for goods and services into the lucrative US market.

I hope to be able to visit Istanbul and other Turkish cities again in the very near future, to further gauge the business climate, reacquaint with new friends and roam the streets as I did on this trip.