India Rising

The honorable governor of the state of Maharashtra, a state in India in which Mumbai (Bombay) is the capital, speaks at the 2005 WTC Global Meet (World Trade Center General Assembly).

Several interesting speakers at this year’s WTC Global Assembly, taking place this week in Mumbai (Bombay). Also, along the same note, several issues getting patched up between India and the US, as well as India and China. As the world’s second largest population and (some would argue) the world’s largest and oldest democracy, India provides a glimpse into an accelerated rise of a huge middle class.

The MBAs I’ve met here are sharp, very sharp, and eager to show that they can serve as well as lead. One in particular, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, is interested in expanding relations with companies from the US that use AS/400 computers for central-office and back-office work, but want to add a kinder, gentler front-end interface in the form of a web browser, rather than completely redesigning a system that’s already working.

Is this work menial compared to most of today’s new client-server work? Yes. Is it a market segment that will soon die away? Yes. Is Rajesh and his team willing to give it the best effort they can over the next few years? Yes.